101 Latest Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp status

Here we have compiled some of the best,latest and untouched whatsapp status list for you.Which includes status quotes,short love status,Facebook status,wechat status,line status and many more.This page is updated every day so stay tuned for new additions…   1] Life is like GRAMMAR : PAST-PERFECT, FUTURE-CONTINUOUS, & PRESENT-TENSED ! 2] You only live once, so […]

A List of Best Whatsapp Quotes

whatsapp status quotes

Even few words can have a very strong long-lasting effect on people’s mind. Great people can express their whole experience with these few words which we then recall them as Quotes.They can revel one’s life,tragedy,attitude or other expressions while some are simply funny. So here we present some of the best whatsapp quotes that you can use in […]

How to download whatsapp on pc


Whatsapp is facebook owned internet instant messaging application with 500 million monthly active users uploading more than 700 million photos and 100 million videos each day with more than 10 billion messages shared each day. Since you want to download whatsapp for PC you must

Motivational Status and Quotes

whatsapp status

Spark your thoughts with this list of best motivational status and quotes.“The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” -Walt Disney (1) ‘Work until you don’t have to introduce yourself ‘ (2) If you can dream it, you can do it. (3) Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. (4) Perpetual […]

Hindi shayari |love shayari

Hindi Shayari

This compilation contain 70 best love,romantic and hindi shayari where you’ll just be forced to say Waha waha,Waha waha!!!!! (1)Mohabbat mujhe thi usi se..Sanam. Yadaon me uski yeh Dil tadpta raha .. Maut bhi meri Chahat ko rok na saki.. Kabr me bhi yeh Dil Dhadkta raha. (2)Tumhari is ada ka kya jawab du, apne […]

top 100 whatsapp jokes and messages

Here is the biggest compilation of best jokes and messages that you can share on whatsapp.   1. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? ???? If swimming is a good exercise to stay FIT, why are whales FAT???? ???? Why the place in a stadium where people SIT is, called a STAND???? ???? Why the everyone wants […]

All you wanted to know on how whatsapp makes money.

how whatsapp makes money

Social networking has become a vital part of people’s life in the present scenario. Facebook, twitter, Orkut are some examples of social networking sites and Hike, WhatsApp, Line, Wechat, Messenger, Viber etc are some of the examples of instant messaging applications in mobile phones. Out of these, WhatsApp has rapidly grown in few years whose […]

Ultimate 1000 whatsapp status

1000 whatsapp status

A Status For Every Occasion. Lookout for small note in bracket if you just want best of the best… 1). Two fundamentals of cool life – Walk like you are the king OR walk like you don’t care ,who is the king. 2). We live in a Dumb Age where Smartphone’s are thinner and smarter, […]

Incredible Whatsapp DP Status

Dream it status

First thing first..For those who are asking  what is dp?? Its full form is display pic and you can upload your own dp as profile picture in whatsapp. “A picture is worth a thousand words”.We have compiled 50 best whatsapp status dp for you.Here you will find funny,attitude,sad,cute and jokes dp.    

50 funny whatsapp status.

funny whatsapp status

Want to update your whatsapp status but can’t think of anything funny???You’re at not alone.To help you we have compiled this list of best funny whatsapp status.This list consists of witty,attitude, clever, sarcastic and other status. 1). My goal for 2015 is to accomplish the goals of 2014 which I should have done in 2013 […]

Best 50 whatsapp status Idea’s

whatsapp status ideas

Whatsapp as we all know is a great instant messaging application.But we always get stuck when updating our whatsapp status.All that comes to our mind is either used by other friends or are simply not so cool.So here we have compiled some of the best unique and original status that you can use.This list consists […]

Rise of Whatsapp Messenger.


We already know what a great application whatsapp messenger is!!It is a saviour from long text bills.It was greatly hyped after its infamous buyout by Facebook for $19 billion out of which they paid $4 billion in cash plus $12 billion in Facebook shares and an additional $3 billion in restricted stock units given to […]

Attitude whatsapp status

attitude status

Want some cheesy classy attitude status for whatsapp??Look no more because here we have compiled top 30 such status for you.These are funny and full of attitude.Pick any one of these and paste it in your whatsapp messenger.