On 24 feb,Whatsapp announced its long due update to its status feature by making it more social and more like snapchat stories where users can post photos,videos,gifs as status and would get deleted after 24 hours. This announcement gave more backlash as users didn't want their parents...

We already know what a great application whatsapp messenger is!!It is a saviour from long text bills.It was greatly hyped after its infamous buyout by Facebook for $19 billion out of which they paid $4 billion in cash plus $12 billion in Facebook shares and an additional $3 billion in restricted stock units given to WhatsApp’s founders.And now it stands proudly with more than 700million cutomers wordwide!!

We all know how useful whatsapp is!! Sending and receiving messages for free is what makes it prudent.With more than 500 million active users it has emerged and proved itself as best online messenger available for every mobile platform.

Using the following Whatsapp tricks and some hacks you can unveil the true potential of whatsapp and will help you using Whatsapp more efficiently.